Painting with Music

“To draw, you must close your eyes and sing.” - Pablo Picasso

Painting with Music is a process where you first center yourself and orient yourself truly to what you listen - feel it play inside and visualize it before picking up the colour you gravitate towards and then let the music guide your brushstrokes. You become the channel; music flows through you and makes you paint pour your feelings on paper. This activity is spontaneous and at the moment that you are bound to feel connected; the immediacy of the activity begs you to be 'present' and you will give in. This will also help you attain a certain level of confidence in your artwork as you are not aiming to be representational. Your work represents your feelings towards a music piece and not an object. It goes through an extremely subjective lens before coming out on paper and is thus extremely original.


About the Facilitator: Jessica Singh

Interdisciplinary artist | Social Development Professional | Author

She is a professional social worker; an Oxford graduate who specializes in gender and education. Her first book, ‘When Love Lived Alone’ has prose poems with illustrations and the second is a story contribution to an anthology, ‘Stories We Don’t Tell’. She is a certified Reiki and Pranic Healer practitioner who prefer to design her own spiritual healing path through art.

|2021 dates to be announced soon|