About Us

What happens when you shut artists in a room? We create. We make more art. From anything and everything, we can find. All our mental energy is diverted away from the crisis and into the project. Art can heal.

So our art collective decided to start a new project that we fondly call, ‘Blue Sky & Lemon Pie’. Why? Because these are some of our favourite things. Little things that bring us joy. When life gives us a lemon, we make lemon pie!

Social isolation has been on our mind. And so is gratitude for a zillion little joyful things in our lives. While we soak in the reality of today, we also find a few moments to sneak away and dream. We imagine. We paint. We draw. We write.

We turn to art for comfort, solace and healing. 

We pray for the well-being of all and we hope to spread the cheer.

With this little venture of ours, we bring to you a range of products to celebrate the simple joys of life. We created a series of inspirational and fun art during the shutdowns, which have now found their way to everyday objects that you can own and enjoy.


Why did we create Blue Sky and Lemon Pie?


    Sonali Garg

“Just like the rest of the world, I am also locked inside my tiny room. A part of me yearns for open space, blue sky above my head and long morning walks. A part of me feels comforted in the safety of my home. And a part of me wants a normal boring life. This part is the most stubborn. As if it will all go away if I just stick to a routine, or do some boring daily chores, or continue to make life plans for an uneventful future. This part is not ignorant but naive. This part is hopeful. I open my heart and surrender. I overflow with love and joy. I humbly accept the little gifts of life. I am an artist and here I share my notes of love and prayers of gratitude.”


      Jessica Singh

“I hear the birdsong and my imagination goes aerial. The city that I now live in is like a hand-drawn grid and I am just a little Torontonian dot that bird looks at from the blue skies up above. I am an artist at heart and an aesthete at being. It is through art that I perceive the vastness of existence and the inescapable want for a multitude of experiences in visuality follow. This diversified immersion in living an artful life attuned to self often leads to a tamed surrender. I feel that through little handmade artistic gestures we can transform our isolated realities into a connected state of being. At this time, when our spaces are confined and the movement is curtailed, our relatability quotient is high and the white blank page is equally inviting for everyone.”