Summer Splash

Dearest Summer,

Winter is here. Well, almost here. It’s a part of the natural cycle. And I appreciate it. I am grateful for it. I love the colours. I love the food. But I miss summer. With all my heart, I miss summer. I love the sunshine and sparkling bright green. I love the mild breeze that cools the skin. I love long morning walks. I love the bright birds that grace my garden and the gorgeous flowers. I love the colours. Everything is more beautiful when the sun shines. As the autumn begins and we enter a new world with new colours, I couldn’t help but trap the summer in my heart and mind to help me survive the winter. I wish I could trap the sunshine and the lovely colours of the summer somewhere in a magic bottle and hold on it and let its sweet fragrance spread through my living space as the winter sets in outdoors. I wish I could splash my home with the colours of summer to keep the joy alive and fill my home with the cheer. 

Forever yours,