Little Bird

Dearest Summer,

I went out for a walk through the quiet lanes of my neighbourhood. I planned to keep my distance from people if I encountered them on the route. During that half an hour, I only saw 4 people, carrying groceries. 

On my way I saw beautiful houses, a quiet school, a church, an empty playground and lots of trees basking in sunlight waiting for new leaves of spring. And I saw a bird. A beautiful bird. A tiny black and white bird with white dots on black fur. I stopped and gazed at it. It looked happy. Just like the trees. Back in my backyard, I saw another chubby reddish brownish bird. It’s a common one here that I remember seeing in summer very often. Not so much in winters though. 

I wanted to call you and say that I just saw a pretty bird. Something about it gave me a tiny moment of joy. 

I wonder how many of these little joyful things I might have missed in my busy life. I would like to take a moment of break, notice something inconsequential yet beautiful and just marvel at its existence. Like blue sky. Having lived in one of the most polluted cities in the world I never take a blue sky for granted. Every time I look at it, I smile. I take a deep breath and say a little prayer of gratitude for being able to experience the beauty and purity of a blue sky. 

Forever Yours,


PS - Check out this bird, planted on a phone case.